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About Wildebeest Games

First appearing in the mid nineties, Wildebeest Games is the part time
project of Mark Judd and friends. With a particular emphasis on physics
based gaming, team Wildebeest enjoys creating titles which we like to
play ourselves and hopefully you will too. Check out our blog for slightly
more frequent updates on all things Wildebeest related.

If you have any comments, suggestions or feedback in general we'd
be glad to hear it, so leave us your thoughts on the blog, or drop us an
email at the address listed in the contact section.

For almost all of the titles we've created to date there are demo versions
to download and, if you like what you see, there are 'buy now' buttons
as well on each of the dedicated game pages. Thanks for taking a look.

Mark doing some 'research' at Elvington Airfield.
Game development can be tough at times.

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