Game Development Studio

A Building Demolition and Creation Sandbox

Now updated to version 1.2
Includes realistic spreading real time fire and a variety of new
projectiles such as flame thrower, exploding bullets and water hose.

Reviewed in PC-Gamer Magazine (Issue 209 70%)
Graham Smith deputy editor says :-

"While graphically basic, the game looks spectacular as a crane
bends, buckles and smashes to the ground. It's the simple
pleasure of watching stuff fall down that makes it fun."

With the in-built editor, create your own buildings using
the library of hundreds of varied parts.

Choose from brick, concrete, timber or steel materials, arrange them
to your requirements - let your imagination run riot !

Once your building is standing you switch to explosives placement
mode, where you can choose the strength and timing of your charges.

See how few charges you can use to bring the building down.
Or perhaps you'd like to see how far you can fling the debris ?


Lite Version (20Mb - no building editor) : Detonate_Lite_v1.2_Setup.exe

3 Free Bonus Buildings for the Lite or Full Versions :

The full version is priced at 5 Euros.
(Included in the full version is the building editor

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Please download and try the lite version before purchasing
to ensure full compatibility with your hardware.

To get the most from the game you will need a reasonably fast modern
processor as well as a dedicated graphics card.
Detonate has been tested on Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / 7.

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