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Precision Driving Challenge

Guide your powerful four wheel drive buggy over a succession of increasingly tricky elevated trackways. Race against the clock or try to beat a ghost car replaying your fastest time to date.

The game comes with it's own track editor (as used to create the standard in-game tracks) featuring a large and varied library of track components.

Use the in-built settings options to fine tune your cars performance and shave those vital tenths of a second off your record time. It's possible to change the suspension height, stiffness, gear ratios and much more.

Track pieces include see-saws, loop the loops, trapdoors and a host of other fiendish styles to challenge the best of drivers.

After completing a track, sit back and watch the automatically saved replay from any of the multiple camera angles. If you set a record time the replay is saved automatically but you can choose to save any replay at any time.

Share replays and tracks with your friends by simply copying the small source files into the relevant folders.

Mix up a few jumps with the odd twist or loop, perhaps force the player to negotiate off camber balancing poles. With the track editor anything is possible. You want to beat the best time, but speed is your enemy ! Precision is what Tricky Tracks 2010 is all about. If you do fall, the car is placed at the last checkpoint reached, so no re-starting from the very beginning of the stage.

( Approx. 17mb )